Negan has been cast!

The Hollywood Reporter has shared with us who will be playing the evil role of Negan on The Walking Dead–Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen).

Lesley Goldberg of THR says:

Morgan first will join the series as a guest-star before being promoted to series regular for season seven. Morgan was one of multiple actors who had buzz as being in the running at some point for the role, though no others received offers.

We are excited to see what Morgan does with the role!

The reviews are in!

Ash vs Evil DeadWe loved the first episode of Ash Vs. Evil Dead! Telegraph said die-hard fans and newbies alike will enjoy the series, already renewed for a second season:

he Sam Raimi-directed pilot managed to satisfy the hardcore audience with blood spurting from decapitated limbs, an eye-gouging battle with a demonic doll, and an iconic slow-motion reunion between Campbell and his chainsaw. It also did a good job of catering to the audience who are new to the world of the Evil Dead. Although the show treats Bruce Campbell as its idiot God, it introduced a new supporting cast, including Ash’s wide-eyed colleague from the hardware store who treats him as The Chosen One and, though only glimpsed for two tantalizing minutes in the first episode, Lucy Lawless who will become Campbell’s reluctant partner in demon-bludgeoning over subsequent episodes.

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How do you feel about the recent trend in horror movies?


In an A.V. Club article, Noel Murray discusses a new trend in horror in the 2010s: terror that won’t quit. He says:


With It Follows and The Babadook, there’s never much of a sigh-of-relief moment. In the former, a group of young folks who’ve been infected by the film’s “sexually transmitted invisible serial killer” disease trap their nemesis and make it bleed, but never actually see it die. In the latter, the top-hatted shadow-beast who haunts a widowed mother and her hyperactive son tacitly agrees not to be so annoying, but it doesn’t go away. And in both, the usual rhythm of slow-build, intensification, release is ditched in favor of persistent unease, punctuated regularly by shattering terror.

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When a group of misfits is hired by an unknown third party to burglarize a desolate house and acquire a rare VHS tape, they discover more found footage than they bargained for.”

I honestly have no idea if this movie will be good or not. But it has one hell of a poster.

Spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo

I for one never thought about what went into the fashion when making a NASA space suit. Sure I’ve thought about the suit as a life capsule one would use to survive. But the word fashion never entered my mind. I wish it had.
The new book, “Spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo” by Nicholas de Monchaux talks about NASA’s space suits and how they were designed by underwear seamstresses. Wild stuff.

The Walking Dead Forum

The Walking Dead Forum is back and this time with a vengeance. The team at the dead forum has updated the site with more dead content and added a new fresh appearance. Looking for the latest Walking Dead News? Want to read a review for last nights episode? Then stumble on over to the Walking Dead Forum and soak up those “brains” with knowledge on AMC’s The Walking Dead.