Horror Stickers Part 3

Hey there pack rats! Here is the 3rd and final installment of the coolest horror stickers ever made!

Unfortunately I only have a handfull of these bad boys, but it’d be awesome to have the entire set. I’m really curious to know how many stickers were produced and what movies were made. If they made something as random as Night of the Demons, then you know they made The Thing, Dawn of the Dead and maybe even Fright Night! 
But after reading some comments, it sounds like many of you remember these stickers from your adolescence. Does anyone else have these laying around? If so, send me some scans and I’ll post them. If anyone has a Fright Night sticker, I’ll pay you cash for it. In the meantime, we can only enjoy what I’ve posted.

This week we have a comical Child’s Play sticker in addition to a couple of classic Freddy pictures. The image for An American Werewolf in London is an odd choice. I can think of some other well known screen shots they could have chosen. But it’s still cool, nevertheless. And why it says Kurt Russell and not Snake Plissken is beyond me. This is a question that will plague humanity for years to come, similar to the creation of the universe.

Child\'s PlayA Nightmare on Elm Street 4
An American Werewolf in LondonSnake Plissken
Night of the Demons
Freddy KruegerScarecrows

8 thoughts on “Horror Stickers Part 3

  1. Those are great!! Kurt Russel, that is funny they put his name on it! I wonder if he has one. You should get in touch with him and sell it for like 10k hahah.

    Great post. Can’t wait to see some horror wallpapers!!

  2. FINALLY! This is no joke, I have a good amount of these in well kept condition! I was online today (very curious) to look up info on these cards. Sucks cuz I have no idea what to type in or look for. Im glad I found this! I seriously want to help with the info on the collection because I hate being left in the dark with awesome memories like these!

    -House 2 – The Gate – An American Werewolf in London – Creepshow – Freddy Kruegar (in front of a chalkboard) – Scarecrows – Nightmare on elm street 5 (Freddy Martini) – Nightmare on elm street 5 (dream child poster) – The Blob – Lair of the white worm – Nightmare on elm street (freddy smiling) – Random Freddy Kruegar pose – Beetlejuice – Zombie nightmare – Childs Play (chucky and the blocks) – Critters 2 – Freddy Kruegar Grinning – Return of the Living dead 2 – Psycho 2 – Pinheads face – Friday the 13th, Jason Lives – Monkey shines – The horror show – Hellraiser 2 (pinhead) – The howling – The return of the living dead – Vamp -Halloween – The toxic Avenger – Swampthing – They Live – Slaughter High – Nightmare on elm street 4 (freddy with the souls popping out of his stomach) – Phantasm 2 – Jasons masked face – Nightmares – Evil Dead – Horror High – Day of the dead.

    They also had random skulls and creepy stickers just thrown in I guess with no titles.

    I seriously thought I was also the only one that knew about these because no one ever knew what I was talking about. I use to get these at supermarkets mostly and stick em on skateboards. Im gonna go ahead and get snapshot at the collection and send em ASAP!

  3. That American Werewolf is pretty badass. In addition to Christougher’s list, I have two of the non-movie related stickers, a Skull with a bandanna, and guy holding a sign that says horror or something to that effect. The non-movie ones were pretty cheesy…

  4. hey, I have that skull with the bandana too and a handfull of other non-movie related stickers, but still horror-related. I’ll scan them in and post them asap.

  5. I had an Elm Street one, the Vamp one…
    and a Predator one — which I don’t think anyone’s mentioned yet.

  6. Glad I found this site. I too have been looking for some info on these horror stickers. I have a few that nobody has mentioned so far, including : Deep Star Six, Scanners, Werewolf (The Series), Scream Time, and just a plain Texas Chainsaw Massacre one…even though it has the Leatherface from part 2 on the actual sticker. If anyone has any they want to sell or trade, please send me an e-mail and let me know. I also have Friday the 13th : Jason Lives, Vamp, Nightmare on Elm Street, Pinhead (face), Halloween, and another Nightmare on Elm Street one with Freddy in front of some clouds and a full moon. I would give anything to have an entire set of these awesome stickers.

  7. These stickers were so awesome! I only have about 8 or 9 of them. I got them from a machine in a grocery store. I was hooked right from the word go, as the first one the machine dispensed to me was a sticker for CREEPSHOW, then my all-time favorite movie.

    Just a clarification about one of the stickers that frequently gets called out for not being from a horror movie. The bandana-wearing skull is actually the promotional art for the mostly forgotten (Sam Raimi-starring) cult atrocity movie THOU SHALT NOT KILL … EXCEPT.


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