NYC Halloween Parade 2008

I’ve been going to the NYC Halloween parade for the past 4 years. This is my favorite part of Halloween and I look forward to it every year. Thousands of people dressed up in many different costumes, walking down 6th Ave. In addition to people walking, there are floats with music cranked up to 11, driving down the street. After the parade, the bars are overrun and people still gather in the streets, creating their own mini parade. I took pictures of the ghastly ghouls, sexy women and any other bizarre creature I saw. Enjoy!



Dog Dancer

Hairy Balls

Dragon Chick

Michael Phelps


Proton Pack

Those proton packs are sweet!

People on a Float

More People on a Float

Evil Doctor

Giant Spider

This spider was suspended high on a building. Probably 10 ft. in diameter!

Vampire Guy

Parade People

Mummy Dearest

Hammerhead Pirate

Tall Guy


Ralphie & Zombie

Priest Brought His Dog


Gizmo Duck

Blathering Blatherskite!


Ronald McDonald

Steve Irwin

Looks like Steve Irwin survived.

Penguin Person


There was an awesome Jagermeister float that was rockin’ out all night long.


This clever guy had built a pirate ship around a segway. 

Really Tall Chick


Xmas Zombies

Sarah Palin

The future vice-president? We will soon find out….

Richard Simmons

Lego People

Pirates of the Hudson

Robots deux

Lucky Day

I bet this guy went home happy. Look at that grin!

One-Eyed Orange

Ambiguously Gay

Nope…nothing ambiguous about it.

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