Zombies, Zombies, Zombies!!!

When I got home from working all-day and slicing up bodies, I could see that the mailman left something on my doorstep. I knew immediately what it was. My “bag o’ ZOMBIES!!!” had finally arrived. I ordered them a couple days earlier. When I saw these guys I knew I just had buy them. How can you go wrong? I mean, come on! 100 glow in the dark zombies. The possibilities are endless!

They belong to some goofy board game or something. To be honest I haven’t played a board game in over a decade. Too boring. If I’ve got time to kill, I’ll just watch a George Romero flick. Besides, I’ve got surgery the next day. Who wants to be up all night playing board games? The Dr. certainly doesn’t.

Anyway, the zombies are great but I only wish that the bag included different zombies. Every zombie is the same, your generic “arm extended male zombie”. I did see that women and dog zombies were available, but in separate bags. There should be a mixture of them in addition to the token male zombies. Maybe throw in some humans with shotguns and other weapons. Or have some zombies climbing out of graves, add some “Headstones”. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, these are made for a board game after all. But they do make a pretty good addition to any zombie collection. Anyway, can’t you just picture 100 zombies enshrouding your dashboard? I sure can….



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